We are a team of videographers, photographers, lighting operators, sound designers that make promotional videos and short films.

James oversees the day to day running of operations and he’ll be the one you probably speak to, he has been a videographer and photographer for over 15 years.

We have fresh ideas and helpful staff who make sure every project is completely custom made, whilst using industry standard software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, believe us, the list could go on and on.

Have a look at this little promotional video we did for ourselves, it gives you an insight into what we do.

We have filmed most types of projects from short films, to adverts and commercials. Each customer and what they need is always different obviously, so when we meet new clients we like to meet face to face, and if we can, at your premises, this gives us an insight into your thinking.

Some of our customers don’t want to participate in the filming at any level, we meet, they discuss what they want and give us some direction but we take it from there, this allows us to sometimes see things from a different perspective as opposed to someone who works there day in day out.

We would say one of our biggest assets is being adaptable and transparrent, we know things can change in an instant in bussiness and schools etc. So if you need to reschedule a meeting or a filming day, that’s no problem, and we don’t charge extra for that.


To make content that stands out and reaches big audiences, there needs to be an element of creative originality. We have demonstrated this through out our portfolio. We like to upgrade what could have been a dull corporate video, into an engaging piece of content that compels its audience to share it.  However, we do this in collaboration with our clients.

We are not frustrated filmmakers who want to turn your explainer video into an epic sci-fi adventure. We understand that the content needs to work hard to deliver the outcome you want, whether it’s more publicity, or to see a some ROI.

As a video production company we specialise in in-house corporate video production, event videos, promotional videos, training videos, event films and explainer videos.





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